Camping Rules

General Camping Rules for all events except NHRA Nationals

  • Basic overnight camping is free with multi-day admission ticket.
  • Campsites in the full-service PleasureLand RV VIP Campground are available for $40/night (includes hook-ups for electrical, water & septic). Only one self-contained camping unit is allowed per full-service campsite.
  • Loud music is not permitted after 10 p.m.
  • All generators, air compressors, etc., that are powered by an internal combustion engine must have the exhaust directed up and above the top of the trailer, truck, RV, tent/awning, etc., and clear of other campers’ areas or racers’ pits.
  • Generators must be turned off or muffled by 11 p.m.
  • Campfires must stay in the fire rings provided by BIR. If there is no fire ring, the fire must not exceed 3 feet in diameter.

We understand that pets are a big part of families that have them. Pet admission and camping are free. A pet waiver must be signed, and pets must remain on a leash. Please pick up after your pet so that we can continue this policy.