If you like endurance racing, you’ll love the World Racing League.

The World Racing League is America’s premier amateur endurance racing series was created to offer racers a pro-level racing experience on an amateur racer’s budget. It fills the gap between entry-level budget series and pro racing. It’s a “club level” series where motorsports enthusiasts can race virtually any properly prepped car in real endurance races lasting eight to 24 hours, and enjoy all of the challenges and strategy involved.

At its core, the series is what road racing should be – safe, affordable and enjoyable, without losing the competitive spirit that makes road racing great. There are no campy names or fat, convoluted rule book to navigate. There are no penalty laps or club politics, and no one gets penalized in the middle of a race for being too fast.

It really is this simple: You bring a car that meets safety rules, we class it with cars of equal performance potential, and your team spends a fun-filled weekend trying to out-drive, out-strategize and out-last the other teams in your class.

The World Racing League will be on BIR’s 2.5-mlle Competition Road Course for a pair of eight-hour endurance races.

For more details, visit the World Racing League website at http://www.racewrl.com/.

Photos by ComicOzzie Autosport Photography