Sunday is finals day; here’s the schedule

Sunday is a huge day for the NHRA drag racers but even a bigger day for fans. It’s your chance to get down on the track before racing starts and after it concludes. And the racing is guaranteed to be off the charts, because everyone who loses goes home, so there’s a lot on the line.

The day starts with a rare opportunity for fans to walk on BIR’s world-class quarter-mile drag strip. The Sealmaster Trackwalk is open to all fans who want to walk on the track while the announcers interview drivers. Warning: The track is VERY sticky so flip-flops might not be a good choice of footwear.

After the trackwalk, fans can hang around in the Winner’s Circle for the Pre-Race Ceremonies where the 16 racers in each of the four pro classes will be introduced. There’s also a chance to get some freebies, like hats and T-shirts that are tossed into the crowd.

After racing is done for the day, fans can return to the Winner’s Circle for the post-race celebration, where the four winners will receive their Wally trophies and party with the fans.

Below is the day’s schedule. When you get home, tune in to watch all the action on TV. Click here for the schedule.

9 am               Nitro Alley Midway Opens
9 am-8 pm    Helicopter Rides
9:40 am         Sealmaster Trackwalk on dragstrip
10 am             Pre-race ceremonies in Winner’s Circle
11 am            Nitro Eliminations
Noon              Pro Stock Motorcycle & Car Eliminations
12:20 pm       Top Alcohol Eliminations
12:45 pm       Nitro Eliminations
1:15 pm         Pro Stock Motorcycle & Car Eliminations
1:35 pm         Top Alcohol Eliminations
2:15 pm         Nitro Semifinals
2:35 pm         Pro Stock Motorcycle & Car Semifinals
2:40 pm         Top Alcohol Finals
3:30 pm         Pro Stock Motorcycle & Car Finals
3:37 pm         Nitro Finals
4 pm               Winner’s Circle celebration

Sealmaster Trackwalk
Sealmaster Trackwalk











Pre-Race Ceremony
Pre-Race Ceremony