Fuchs, Orr among repeat winners in Muscle Car Series

Heading into last weekend’s Muscle Car Series drag race, drivers in the Outlaw Class were all well aware of how fast Bubba Romanzshyn’s car is. He was the top qualifier during the series’ first race this season, with the fastest time (6.895 seconds) and the top speed (212.69 mph), which was quicker than any other car in the field. And even though he failed to advance past the first round, all the other drivers knew that they had their work cut out for them when Bubba was at the track.

Fast forward to last Sunday’s elimination rounds during the 30th Annual PleasureLand Show & Go. Bubba was nearly a full second faster than the rest of the field. He qualified No. 1 again with a sizzling time of 6.780 seconds and 218.80 mph, which is within a half second of the fastest cars in the Pro Outlaw class.

Bubba Romanzshyn
Bubba Romanzshyn
Dennis Orr
Dennis Orr

He won his way to the finals where he faced off against Greg Schmidt, who won the Outlaw Class during last year’s Show & Go and was itching to repeat this year. But Bubba was too much for Schmidt, who ran 7.927 seconds and 169.25 mph. Bubba ran 7.133 seconds and 214.31 mph for the win.

“We had a few issues (with the car) last weekend but the car’s not broken so that’s a bonus (to winning the class),” he said.

Bubba admitted that his reaction times weren’t very good Sunday, as they hovered around .150 seconds, but he knew that his car was fast enough to catch all the other cars if they beat him off the starting line, which was the case during all his elimination runs Sunday.

The Show & Go’s Muscle Car Series was three days of big horsepower and very fast cars on the drag strip by 400 drivers that competed. The event also featured the National Auto Sport Association on BIR’s 2.5-mile Competition Road Course for two days of road racing, followed by the event finale, which was a pair of 100-mile Trans Am Series races on the road course as part of the Ryan Companies Independence Day Classic. For more details of those races, click here.

With only one race left in the three-race Muscle Car Series, the leaders in four of the seven Heads-Up Classes are gunning for a clean sweep and series championships.

Ray Fuchs, Dennis Orr, Robert Wilczek and Brian Carpenter all won their respective classes last weekend and will race for the sweep Labor Day weekend during the 28th Annual GSTA Muscle Car Shootout.

Robert Wilczek
Robert Wilczek
Brian Carpenter
Brian Carpenter

Fuchs and his 1953 Studebaker is on his way to dethroning Rich Schmidt, who has won the Pro Outlaw series championship the last two years. Fuchs was the No. 1 qualifier this weekend with the fastest numbers of any car on the track: 6.390 seconds and 220.76 mph. There was room for improvement with his reaction times, but his car was able to catch the opposition by the end of the quarter mile. He faced off with Matthew Braun in the finals and made a 6.536-second, 217.74-mph pass, even through Braun broke on the run.

Orr was another repeat winner and has his sights set on stealing the Real Street Unlimited series title away from defending champ Duane Godbout. Orr was the top qualifier last weekend with the top speed of 178.76 mph in his 1970 Camaro. He met up with Godbout in the finals. Godbout, who had the best time in qualifying at 7.386 seconds, had trouble getting off the starting line and Orr motored his way to victory with a time of 8.480 seconds and 174.55 mph, while Godbout clocked a 9.004-second, 162.82-mph run.

Real Street Natural was dominated by Robert Wilczek and his ’69 Mustang. As the No. 1 qualifier last weekend, Wilczek saved his fastest time and speed for the finals against Bob Wallin. The two were off the starting line at nearly the same time but Wilczek nipped Wallin at the finish line with a time of 9.115 seconds and 149.22 mph. Wallin ran 9.618 seconds and 138.81 mph.

Brian Carpenter and his 2003 Mustang is looking for a sweep in the 660 Outlaw Street class, which only competes over an eighth-mile track. In the finals, No. 1 qualifier Carpenter lined up across from defending champion David Senderhauf, who was clocking numbers similar to Carpenter’s. Senderhauf was off the starting line first but couldn’t hold off Carpenter, who caught him at the finish line with a run of 4.685 seconds and 166.68 mph, versus Senderhauf’s 4.783 seconds and 147.70 mph.

In King Street, Chris Orr avenged his finals loss during the Street Car Showdown but winning the class Sunday. Jason Geiger was the No. 1 qualifier but was knocked out in the second round of eliminations. That opened the door for Orr, who faced off against Coy Christmas in the finals. But Christmas was no match for Orr and his ’67 Firebird, which ran 7.882 seconds and 177.95 mph. Christmas posted a 9.244-second, 154.67-mph run.

Below are the finals of each class during the Show & Go.

Pro Outlaw
Finals: Ray Fuchs of Bowman, N.D. def. Matthew Braun of Dennison

Finals: Bubba Romanzshyn of Belfield, N.D. def. Greg Schmidt of Baxter

King Street
Finals: Chris Orr of Superior, Wis. def. Coy Christmas of Superior, Wis.

Real Street Unlimited
Finals: Dennis Orr of Superior, Wis. def. Duane Godbout of Cloquet

Real Street Natural
Finals: Robert Wilczek of Little Falls def. Bob Wallin of Superior, Wis.

True Street
Finals: Dan Gefre of Coon Rapids def. Wayne Bellanger of St. Louis Park

660 Outlaw Street
Finals: Brian Carpenter of Forest Lake def. David Senderhauf of Zimmerman

Strip Eliminator 1
Finals: Scott Heilscher of Otsego def. Kevin Sand of Cambridge

Strip Eliminator 2
Finals: Jeremy Richter of St. Joseph def. Kevin Hemenway of Park Rapids

Strip Eliminator 3
Finals: Cameron Novak of Rice def. Scott Davich of Pequot Lakes

Truck Eliminator
Finals: Lane Zuidema of Woodbury def. Bob Peterson of Roseville

Manual Transmission
Finals: Keith Sand of Cambridge def. Mike Hed of Mehnaga

Index Class Champion
Finals: Jesse Haugesag of Prior Lake def. Greg Marninga of Mehnaga

9.50 Index
Finals: Pat Huebner of Bloomington def. Gerald Cook of Mora

10.00 Index
Finals: Greg Marninga of Mehnaga def. Kevin Sand of Cambridge

10.50 Index
Finals: Mike Hammerstrom of Bemidji def. Bruce Morley of Brainerd

11.00 Index
Finals: Jesse Haugesag of Prior Lake def. Jason Hartkopf of Eden Valley

11.50 Index
Finals: Jesse Covington of Fifty Lakes def. David Imgrund of Brainerd

12.00 Index
Finals: Jeff Purdham of Albertville def. Colleen Dircks of Carver

12.50 Index
Finals: Gary Olson of Sartell def. Jake Stanley of Zimmerman

13.00 Index
Finals: Jesse Backstrom of Grand Marais def. Justin Nelson of Norwood-Young America

13.50 Index
Finals: David Hyttsten of Monticello def. Nick Siebenaler of Pine City

14.00 Index
Finals: Ryan Baker of Isanti def. Kris Leonard of Robbinsdale