Ohnsorg dominates CRA weekend, setting a track record

Kyle Ohnsorg was simply untouchable last weekend at Brainerd International Raceway as he brought home victory in all 15 Superbike races he competed in.

It was the Central Roadracing Association’s third of five weekends at BIR. With the Bracket Drag Racing Series on the drag strip, Ohnsorg raced in Middleweight and Heavyweight classes and was untroubled on his way to victory in those races, although Jordan Imrie made sure he brought his A-game with him on his trip from Canada. Imrie was unquestionably the best non-Ohnsorg rider in the 600cc classes.

Kyle Ohnsorg sets a BIR track record. Photo by Brad Knight

Unlimited Supersport was set to see a showdown between Scott Stall on his Farrell Performance Kawasaki ZX-10R and Ohnsorg astride Stephen Peterson’s Husman Race Engineering Tuned BMW S1000RR. Off the start, Ohnsorg pulled a small gap but Stall began closing in, with both riders within a second of the lap record – on D.O.T. tires! Roughly halfway into the race, Stall’s charge “stalled” due to a cone in the racing line. A cone that Stall had hit the previous lap, which put it into the racing line and kept hitting lap after lap. With Stall’s lap times dropping, Ohnsorg went on to win with little fanfare.

After Saturday’s Supersport races, the 3-hour Team Challenge took place. What appeared to be a snooze-fest at the halfway point turned into one of the most intense races in recent memory. At the end of the first lap, Goat Bros. was at the head of the 28-bike field, courtesy of Stall. Over the next hour and a half, the team increased its lead to two laps. It was around that time that the race was turned on its head when the Goat Bros. began to fall down the order when Stall crashed. Tubbs and Crocket (Aaron Anderson, Shane Keaveny, Tony Mahto) took over the top spot, and while they seemed to have a comfortable lead at the front, the question of fuel mileage was starting to appear.

Team Hoff (Brian Hebeisen, Jake Hennen, Ohnsorg) had equipped their Yamaha R6s with oversized fuel tanks capable of keeping their riders on track for over an hour, meaning they would complete the race with only two pit stops. With Tubbs and Crocket not able to achieve that much time between pit stops, it was hard to say how real their advantage truly was. With roughly 30 minutes to go in the race, Tubbs and Crocket had a 40-second lead, and the only question was if they would need to pit before the end of the race. If they didn’t, the race was theirs to lose. If they did, then it could potentially be a close fight to the finish.

With 15 minutes to go, Tubbs and Crocket still led by 20 seconds over Team Hoff but they had lost that 20 seconds on track without taking a pit stop. With Team Hoff’s Hebeisen taking 20 seconds out of Tubbs and Crocket’s Anderson in 15 minutes, the possibility of a late-race lead change started to look possible. Not wanting to be left out of the party, Factory Honda (Tom Austin, Dave Collins, Justin Ebnet) had latched onto the back of Team Hoff, courtesy of Ebnet as both riders fought for the final two places on the podium, and perhaps even the top step.

With Hebeisen and Ebnet closing in on Anderson by multiple seconds per lap, the suspense grew. As Anderson struggled with a lack of grip (running a GSX-R750 for more than 90 minutes on one set of tires doesn’t do wonders for grip levels), he took the white flag as the leader with Hebeisen and Ebnet less than two seconds behind. Halfway through the last lap, Team Hoff snatched the lead from Tubbs and Crocket and held on to take a stunning win. After three hours of racing, the top three teams crossed the line within 1.5 seconds!

Even though there was enough excitement for an entire season during the 3-Hour Team Challenge, Ohnsorg decided we all deserved more and it would come in the shape of an attack on BIR’s 2.5-mile Competition Road Course track record. With Stall out of action and walking like an 86-year old who had lost his cane due to an injury from his crash, Ohnsorg had expectations of the entire CRA on his shoulders during the Unlimited Superbike race.

He shot out of the gate and started his attack on the existing track record of 1:35.010 (set by Jason Farrell). He posted a lap of 1:35.019, falling just short, however, the best part of his attempt was his reception in pit lane. His dominant ride caused a majority of the CRA pit officials to come to pit lane to congratulate him on a job well done, which would clearly make someone think they achieved a major milestone, not a missed one by the width of a hair. The scene that played out immediately afterward easily earned the “Temple of Doom” award as bystanders were witness to some of Ohnsorg’s team ripping his heart out when they told him that even though everyone reacted as though he set a track record, indeed he had not.

Not to be deterred, Ohnsorg lined up for the last race of the weekend, Unlimited GP, with his Temple of Doom trophy stuffed in the hump of his leathers for good luck and set out to earn himself another Pirelli Bounty. Riding Stephen Peterson’s Husman Race Engineering tuned BMW S1000RR, the same bike that he set the Donnybrooke Road Course track record on in May, Ohnsorg’s second timed lap was a stunning 1:34.986 and officially a new track record. However, Ohnsorg wasn’t happy with that and the following lap he clocked in at 1:34.976, which now stands as BIR’s Competition Road Course track record.

Elsewhere in the paddock, multiple riders turned in some great performances. In Featherweight, Robin Schmidt brought home the hardware with some great rides in the sprint races and a GP0 class victory with Team Sphincter (We Leave You Behind) co-riders Brad Lee Kreller and Brian Bartlow. While it was rumored that Schmidt recently returned from a two-week solo trip to Yemen that strangely contributed to a mystery injury for her husband, Christian, she brought home the family hardware and has at least 1.5 months to give him suggestions on how to be a winner.

The Middleweight and Heavyweight classes saw some standout rides by Jes Schwartz in the Expert field with Zack Abraham and Jacque Smith notching up good finishes in the Novice classes. In Ultralight, Brad Kreller threw a leg over the demo Krämer HKR Evo 2 and won his first race on it. Kreller had potential to win more races on the German machine but injuries from a miserable attempt at trying to ride a competitor’s R6 in the middle of a race left him battered, bruised and even less funny than he normally is, which hampered his riding.

After such an exciting July round, we can only wonder what August has in store for the CRA. Come race or volunteer with us during BIR’s GSTA Muscle Car Shootout over Labor Day weekend.