This weekend! Bracket Drag Racing, Superbikes

The race season is here – FINALLY!

Winter has been WAY too long this year, but the good news is that it’s over (technically) and the race season is here. Join us May 10-12 to help celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of what’s expected to be the best race season in BIR’s 44-year history.

The Bracket Drag Racing Series kicks off this weekend. There will be a Test & Tune Friday, followed by time trials and racing both Saturday and Sunday. That’s a change to the bracket series this year. There will be elimination rounds and winners crowned on Saturday AND Sunday. So racers have twice as many chances to win this year. Click here for more.

On the 2.5-mile Competition Road Course, the Central Roadracing Association has three full days of Superbike Racing in store for fans. You HAVE to check this out. These riders scream around the track at insane speeds, laying down their bikes on the corners as they drag their knees. It’s a great spectator sport. Click here for more info.

Check it out. Kids 12 and under are FREE this year!