Drifting, drag racing, more at Proving Grounds this weekend

A turbo-charged weekend is in store at Brainerd International Raceway, as the track hosts the Modern Automotive Performance Proving Grounds, June 20-22.

MAP2014BIR will be invaded by imports, sport compacts, trucks and bikes from all corners of the Midwest and Canada as they compete in drag racing, drifting, autocross, open lapping, burnout contests, a car show, a stereo competition and more. If you like the scream of turbo-charged imports and the smell of burnt rubber, than this event is for you.

The entire BIR facility will be busy with Proving Grounds events, starting with the always-popular drifting competition, where drivers use controlled skids to maneuver their cars through a course that’s lined with cones. It’s a timed event and MAPa fun one for fans to watch. It also includes gymkhana, which is another form of drifting with 180- and 360-degree maneuvers. There’s even a Tandem Drift Competition for advanced drivers Saturday afternoon, where multiple cars fly through the course together. Drifting is Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

On the drag strip, cars will be competing in seven different classes, all of which feature heads-up racing, meaning they both start at the same time and the fastest car the finish line wins. There are classes for bikes and snowmobiles as well. Time trials and qualifying is Saturday and Sunday morning, with eliminations Sunday afternoon.

Autocross is also on the schedule. Similar to drifting, autocross features cars maneuvering their way through a cone-lined course in a more controlled fashion but still timed. It’s Friday and Saturday evenings.

And on BIR’s 2.5-mile Competition Road Course, drivers will test themselves against the clock in the Time Attack event. Drivers begin from a stand still on the starting line and then complete the 2.5 miles in the fastest time possible. Time Attack is Saturday and Sunday.

Drivers who really want to test themselves can compete in the Triple Track Showdown, which is a combined event that includes drag racing, autocross and Time Attack.

“This is the second year that we’ve had two Proving Grounds events on the race schedule,” BIR Owner Jed Copham said. “That’s because the event is growing so fast. It’s a younger crowd that really has a lot of fun competing with their cars in events that most people don’t get a lot of opportunity to see anywhere else.”

The Proving Grounds is for novice drivers, expert drives and everything in between. The second Proving Grounds is Sept. 5-7.

Daily admission is $25 with kids 12 and under free. On-site camping is free with a multi-day ticket.